One of the reasons I like these collars so much is that they are so versatile, looking good no matter what your age or style.

like mother like daughter

You can pretty much wear them with anything and make it your own.

So, ring the changes this summer and swap your favourite necklace for your favourite  shirt collar for the night

Soft but striking and looks fantastic on any neckline

4 shirt collarsIMG_8076


A lovely way to wear your collar is by customising it with swing tags. I designed these cloud shaped tags to be attached to the zip ends of my girls Vamp dresses. They looked and felt so nice I had to used them else where as well. When the collars were designed it turned out they were the perfect little addition to add a pop of colour or contrast.

So you can have a little fun and customise your collar with some swing tags in any colour you like, there are 8 to choose from. We can add them to the collar for you or you can put them on yourself and change them around when you feel like it. They fit on all the collars so are completely interchangeable…

swing tags


I’m a default plain dresser. I will almost always pick plain over print and probably grey over anything else. I know, I know, stop before you faint with excitement. But my point is I have to force myself to step out of my comfort zone to try colours and prints. When I do and it works I love it, It’s instant happy for me. So, here I’ve put together some print and colour paletts , all worn with a statement skirt, just to give you an idea of how easily the colours mix and how great they all look. I’ve used a bit of a wow skirt with a bold print ( Dolce and Gabbana BTW , if ahem, any one wants to buy this for me because they love me then please do so !)  You’ll see that even though the skirt is a big statement you can still use a second printed accessory without it being too much. They work together beautifully and adding the tags in accent colours to pick up from the skirt only pulls it together even more.


I’ve used the collar here quite literally like a paint palette to show how all the colours would compliment this look. In other words they all look good.

20140610_173634 20140610_174006




Always very fresh, love the combo. Goes with anything, the lazy dressers go to colours.




The skirt, full of colour and pattern itself but even something as loud as this works beautifully when put together with a plain top and accessorised with a collar. Feminine but quirky and each one can be different according to how you Tag it.






Bolder than the sketch print above but the colour is so soft and pretty is works great as a second to the skirt. Grey is such a neutraliser , its the Switzerland of colours. You can pretty much throw anything at it and it will show it off to its best ability.

Its just a matter of pick your favourite colour here as they all work a treat.





I literately want to eat this combination. I chose this colour to pick out the orange in the skirt. A bold orange with deep dark green tags to calm it down. I actually hate this expression but it is … LUSH.



The devils in the detail they say.

Well I have a whole rainbow of details for you in the shape of something called the SKINI. Its the perfect little accessory to pop on with anything. Not quite a tie, less fussy than a scarf and can be worn worn easily with or instead of necklaces. Just a little detail to throw on at the last minute to pull everything together. Little nuggets of colour and pattern. Tie them simply in a single knot or for a tighter look tie them as you would a tie and add a gorgeous brooch. Either way it looks great. These skinnis are really flattering on everyone and are a great way to add length to your frame.

all about the skinni


Here is our lovely model Cass wearing her black and white sketch print skini in a really nice and easy way. With trousers and loose fitting T.  We’ve tied the skini as you would a regular tie and finished it with a pretty grey flower brooch. Its such a  simple addition but really effective.

A little ‘Boho Boardroom Chic’.

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So here is Charlie in a jersey skirt from top shop and one of my favourite printed T shirts ( from M & Co  kids section ! ) We have finished it off with a black and white polka dot Skii. Lots of different prints and colours but they all mesh together. You could just as easily add a plain colour one here in Jade or cream creating entirely different feels. Its a little change in detail but it makes a big difference.

This black polka dot creates a smoky slightly sexy feel…

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in contrast this jade green Skini brightens things up for a really sunny , fun daytime look.

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A little close up shot here of an orange scribble skini worn with a blue jumper and a tie pin. Simply tied once and fastened with the pin. A really beautiful feminine take on a traditional item. It shows you that you could wear a skini with anything from jeans to an evening dress and dress it up with a beautiful Pin.

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The little skini is so versatile and easy to wear. If you haven’t tried any of the crushes yet then this is a great one to start with. There are loads of colours and prints to choose from and play around with. Check out all of them on the home page.


Little Troll has its self a little crush on Ties.

A borrow from the boys.

These aren’t just any ‘ol ties tho. Your husband wont want one and your boyfriend wont look good in one, but YOU will look fantastic. These Ties are different. They are all about the girl, and they are all about being feminine. . All you need is a pinch of confidence to add a little fun into your wardrobe. Mens’ tailoring has reached most of our wardrobes so far, a nicely cut pair of trousers, a great jacket or coat, but there is not that much going on in the tie department. So here is my spin on the Tie.  Elegantly cut and traditionally hand made, in prints that are just the right amount of pretty.


Most of us wear trousers every day and we don’t think twice about it any more. But we wouldn’t consider wearing a tie as its still seen as menswear. I doubt even I would wear your average mens’ tie. But these are so pretty you’ll use them just as you would a scarf but with a little added attitude


Take something very feminine and add contrast with a tailored tie.

Here is lovely Charlie in a really feminine lace top and jersey skirt from Top Shop worn with a  sherbet sketch print tie. Adding something like this to a traditional skirt and top takes it in a different direction, making it less sugar sweet and adds a great shot of colour.

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 The colour of the tie is what makes the whole thing work, framing your face and making the look your own. Choosing a different colour creates a totally different look. There are 9 colour ways to choose from so its easy to find one that will suit you perfectly and you will love. ( if that sounded very catalogue , I apologise! ) Its also a great way to add length and slims what is essentially a boxy shaped top.

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Take a scrappy T shirt + your best lipstick and add a clean strip of colour with your tie and your all set. For what ? Well that’s up to you…

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A plain dress is just a blank canvas to do what you like to, so its easy to accessorise. Here we’ve used the same sherbet sketch print tie as before but with a grey, a great colour mix. Instantly turning up the glamour on a relaxed jersey dress into something you feel a little bit more special in.

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Another example of adding an easy twist to a skirt and top. A little polka dot action on an orange top and black and white skirt. Should be loud but it all blends really well together.

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I hope you like the pictures and ideas. There are loads of way to wear them of course, the simplest of all is that it all looks good and feels great with a shirt and jeans. Easy, relaxed and different.


Little Troll has 3 collar crushes

round collars ali


flat collars ali


shirt collars 2 ali


A different style to suit your mood & outfit


Here are a selection of round collars

Sweeten a plain T shirt for an instant makeover with a pretty round collar.  With so many prints and colours to choose from there is no end to the changes you can make to your wardrobe. Perfect for the lazy dresser, minimum effort, maximum effect, an instant fresh look. Our model wears a plain teal collar with her jeans and vest top in much the same way you would a necklace. Very relaxed, a little bohemian, very stylish…

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Add some detail to that plain dress you love without ruining its understated look. Adding a collar to a dress is a great way to feel like you have a brand new one but at a fraction of the cost. Good dresses are hard to find so when you get one your like you might as well make the most of it! Here we’ve styled a green dress with a plain black round collar with black cloud tags worn with the ties at the front. All our collars can be worn either way round for maximum versatility. Our model is also wearing one of our cowboy belts styled as a bracelet. You can customise all our collars and belts with a wide choice of cloud tags for added impact…


Transform your plain jumper or buttoned up cardigan with this one little accessory. By changing the print or colour to suit your mood you are creating lots of different tops for yourself. Our model has a dark blue jumper on with a black and white sketch print round collar which looks stunning. Its a little retro but also very contemporary. Add some orange tags for a great contrasted look ! Try a plain white or cream collar for a classic look. Try an orange print for more impact. Whatever you choose you have a completely different look…

Here are a selection of flat collars

Transform your neckline with a flat collar. Grab some headlines and wear it as a statement piece! Here our model is wearing a sherbet sketch flat collar with her favourite swimming costume. Ok, we can’t all get away with this but try wearing it with a tube top or halter neck and you will look and feel great…


Take one plane dress, add a collar and hey presto revamped…


Easy styling on a T shirt and jeans. So easy and casual to wear but looks really different. The neckline will frame your face beautifully. As with all the collars you can wear this either way round with the ties at the front or back. Don’t forget to add tags if you’d like to add more detail.

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Here are a selection of shirt collars

Need to sharpen up a v neck jumper ? Add a shirt collar. They sit around your neck beautifully, staying in place all day long. Super soft but gently tailored so the shape is entirely complementary and feminine. Our model is wearing a turquoise shirt collar with her plain black jumper and jersey pencil skirt. A stunning colour combination and we hope you will agree a neckline and that should not work with a collar but so does!!!

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Add a sassy twist to your vest top or T shirt, add a cardigan when you get chilly for an easy relaxed look. Our models is wearing a black and white sketch print shirt collar…

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A plain dress gets a makeover here with this black and white squiggle print shirt collar sharpening up the neckline of the dress from a standard round neck. Go as loud or blended as you like, contrasting or colour matching the collar to your dress. Our models dress is charcoal and blends really well with the black and white print but would look just as good with a bright jade or orange or a pinstripe…

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I hope you like some of the looks we put together. There are a million ways to wear them and these are just a few suggestions. Pop back soon for more or over to facebook and Instagram where you can leave your own comments and your own suggestions

Thanks , Nicola X x



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