Little Troll has its self a little crush on Ties.

A borrow from the boys.

These aren’t just any ‘ol ties tho. Your husband wont want one and your boyfriend wont look good in one, but YOU will look fantastic. These Ties are different. They are all about the girl, and they are all about being feminine. . All you need is a pinch of confidence to add a little fun into your wardrobe. Mens’ tailoring has reached most of our wardrobes so far, a nicely cut pair of trousers, a great jacket or coat, but there is not that much going on in the tie department. So here is my spin on the Tie.  Elegantly cut and traditionally hand made, in prints that are just the right amount of pretty.


Most of us wear trousers every day and we don’t think twice about it any more. But we wouldn’t consider wearing a tie as its still seen as menswear. I doubt even I would wear your average mens’ tie. But these are so pretty you’ll use them just as you would a scarf but with a little added attitude


Take something very feminine and add contrast with a tailored tie.

Here is lovely Charlie in a really feminine lace top and jersey skirt from Top Shop worn with a  sherbet sketch print tie. Adding something like this to a traditional skirt and top takes it in a different direction, making it less sugar sweet and adds a great shot of colour.

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 The colour of the tie is what makes the whole thing work, framing your face and making the look your own. Choosing a different colour creates a totally different look. There are 9 colour ways to choose from so its easy to find one that will suit you perfectly and you will love. ( if that sounded very catalogue , I apologise! ) Its also a great way to add length and slims what is essentially a boxy shaped top.

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Take a scrappy T shirt + your best lipstick and add a clean strip of colour with your tie and your all set. For what ? Well that’s up to you…

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A plain dress is just a blank canvas to do what you like to, so its easy to accessorise. Here we’ve used the same sherbet sketch print tie as before but with a grey, a great colour mix. Instantly turning up the glamour on a relaxed jersey dress into something you feel a little bit more special in.

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Another example of adding an easy twist to a skirt and top. A little polka dot action on an orange top and black and white skirt. Should be loud but it all blends really well together.

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I hope you like the pictures and ideas. There are loads of way to wear them of course, the simplest of all is that it all looks good and feels great with a shirt and jeans. Easy, relaxed and different.