The devils in the detail they say.

Well I have a whole rainbow of details for you in the shape of something called the SKINI. Its the perfect little accessory to pop on with anything. Not quite a tie, less fussy than a scarf and can be worn worn easily with or instead of necklaces. Just a little detail to throw on at the last minute to pull everything together. Little nuggets of colour and pattern. Tie them simply in a single knot or for a tighter look tie them as you would a tie and add a gorgeous brooch. Either way it looks great. These skinnis are really flattering on everyone and are a great way to add length to your frame.

all about the skinni


Here is our lovely model Cass wearing her black and white sketch print skini in a really nice and easy way. With trousers and loose fitting T.  We’ve tied the skini as you would a regular tie and finished it with a pretty grey flower brooch. Its such a  simple addition but really effective.

A little ‘Boho Boardroom Chic’.

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So here is Charlie in a jersey skirt from top shop and one of my favourite printed T shirts ( from M & Co  kids section ! ) We have finished it off with a black and white polka dot Skii. Lots of different prints and colours but they all mesh together. You could just as easily add a plain colour one here in Jade or cream creating entirely different feels. Its a little change in detail but it makes a big difference.

This black polka dot creates a smoky slightly sexy feel…

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in contrast this jade green Skini brightens things up for a really sunny , fun daytime look.

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A little close up shot here of an orange scribble skini worn with a blue jumper and a tie pin. Simply tied once and fastened with the pin. A really beautiful feminine take on a traditional item. It shows you that you could wear a skini with anything from jeans to an evening dress and dress it up with a beautiful Pin.

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The little skini is so versatile and easy to wear. If you haven’t tried any of the crushes yet then this is a great one to start with. There are loads of colours and prints to choose from and play around with. Check out all of them on the home page.