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A different style to suit your mood & outfit


Here are a selection of round collars

Sweeten a plain T shirt for an instant makeover with a pretty round collar.  With so many prints and colours to choose from there is no end to the changes you can make to your wardrobe. Perfect for the lazy dresser, minimum effort, maximum effect, an instant fresh look. Our model wears a plain teal collar with her jeans and vest top in much the same way you would a necklace. Very relaxed, a little bohemian, very stylish…

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Add some detail to that plain dress you love without ruining its understated look. Adding a collar to a dress is a great way to feel like you have a brand new one but at a fraction of the cost. Good dresses are hard to find so when you get one your like you might as well make the most of it! Here we’ve styled a green dress with a plain black round collar with black cloud tags worn with the ties at the front. All our collars can be worn either way round for maximum versatility. Our model is also wearing one of our cowboy belts styled as a bracelet. You can customise all our collars and belts with a wide choice of cloud tags for added impact…


Transform your plain jumper or buttoned up cardigan with this one little accessory. By changing the print or colour to suit your mood you are creating lots of different tops for yourself. Our model has a dark blue jumper on with a black and white sketch print round collar which looks stunning. Its a little retro but also very contemporary. Add some orange tags for a great contrasted look ! Try a plain white or cream collar for a classic look. Try an orange print for more impact. Whatever you choose you have a completely different look…

Here are a selection of flat collars

Transform your neckline with a flat collar. Grab some headlines and wear it as a statement piece! Here our model is wearing a sherbet sketch flat collar with her favourite swimming costume. Ok, we can’t all get away with this but try wearing it with a tube top or halter neck and you will look and feel great…


Take one plane dress, add a collar and hey presto revamped…


Easy styling on a T shirt and jeans. So easy and casual to wear but looks really different. The neckline will frame your face beautifully. As with all the collars you can wear this either way round with the ties at the front or back. Don’t forget to add tags if you’d like to add more detail.

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Here are a selection of shirt collars

Need to sharpen up a v neck jumper ? Add a shirt collar. They sit around your neck beautifully, staying in place all day long. Super soft but gently tailored so the shape is entirely complementary and feminine. Our model is wearing a turquoise shirt collar with her plain black jumper and jersey pencil skirt. A stunning colour combination and we hope you will agree a neckline and that should not work with a collar but so does!!!

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Add a sassy twist to your vest top or T shirt, add a cardigan when you get chilly for an easy relaxed look. Our models is wearing a black and white sketch print shirt collar…

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A plain dress gets a makeover here with this black and white squiggle print shirt collar sharpening up the neckline of the dress from a standard round neck. Go as loud or blended as you like, contrasting or colour matching the collar to your dress. Our models dress is charcoal and blends really well with the black and white print but would look just as good with a bright jade or orange or a pinstripe…

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I hope you like some of the looks we put together. There are a million ways to wear them and these are just a few suggestions. Pop back soon for more or over to facebook and Instagram where you can leave your own comments and your own suggestions

Thanks , Nicola X x